In the world of uncertainties, there is a light at the end of every tunnel, an aha moment that can’t be ignored. The truth is that over 2000 years ago the Son of God died on the cross. He did resurrect and he does sit beside the father in heaven. He speaks to us daily, but we only hear him if we are willing to listen. He speaks in this ever so soft voice that is ever so clear. The question remains, why so many chose not to believe? A friend of mine told me today, that a group of atheists told her that christians only do stuff to get to heaven.. At first I was outraged, but when I thought about it I realized how true it was. Christians will pray everyday, ask for repentance, and read their bibles everyday. They are willing to go to church every sunday and some are so dedicated they go on Wednesday nights too. They make sure to be at every conference and church gathering but ask them to join the worship team or be an usher, they can’t. That’s just way too much to ask. But they say and do all the right things. But to serve and make a difference is too much? Hmm.. This made me think, how am I making a difference? Who’s life am I speaking into or am I putting them down when I should be raising them up? Am I praying for them or am I talking behind their backs? You see I can do all the right things and say all the right things, I can serve my heart out, but am I MAKING a difference? Am I helping someone or hurting them? You see we are not supposed to be OF the world, we are only supposed to be IN the world. Make a change, make a difference. Bring light into someones life because at the end of the day will what you did matter?


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